Congratulations to the latest ultra limited 12” vinyl winners Jeff Pitblado, Elliot Wall, Mark Slatter and Richard Nusbaum.


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Test Zone Live From The Feel Festival 2018 is available for FREE download now. Get yours HERE.


My old TX-7 has found a new home. Congratulations and thank you to Johan Zijlstra for adding it to his ORB collection. I know it will be well loved and looked after.


We came, we rocked. Feel Festival we love you and we hope to see you again next year. Watch out for future live releases.


News Letter 34 is published and this issues winners are Mathew Jones, Wendy Ring, Steven Gillanand Marcus Johnson.


The 4 lucky winners of the hand numbered and signed ultra limited 12” vinyl River are Wendy Ring, Justin Gimblett, Steven Gillian and Marcus Johnson


My latest set for Sequencechill’s mixcloud page has gone straight to #1 on the Soundtrack chart. Check it out HERE.


My latest track River has an exclusive pre-release play on Music For Listeners radio show.


I’m very excited to announce that between 05 - 09 July I will be playing at this years Feel Festival at the Bergheider See near Leipzig. See you there!


News letter 33 is out with the new track B7 V5 available for FREE download.


The 4 lucky winners of the hand numbered and signed ultra limited 12” vinyl B7 V4 are Ray Garlick, Mike Günther, Patrick Buchanan and Max Akkerman.


There’s been some updates on the website. Small  changes have seen a page or two has being updated and there’s some new pictures in the Gallery. One of the two big changes is that I’ve deleted the mobile telephone version of the website. I’m not going to give people yet another excuse to look at their phones instead of talking with each other. Check the webiste from the comfort of your home on a screen or tablet. The other big change is that I’ve removed all of the News Archives. From now on I’m just running one page which will contain the actual News items. When there is no more room for an item it will be gone. Important events will be found under History. 28/12/17 What’s the big news? The news is that the news has got sloppy. Since I last posted here there has been loads of great new Photo Prints. New Music and a brilliant new album The Golden Age Of Pornography. Just go check out the Store and see all the groovy new stuff. BTW, the new album is available for FREE download HERE.


And Then There Was Two Up to now afp has musically been a creative one man show, but things have changed a little recently. It all started with the idea of taking afp out of the Studio and into the world as a Live Act. The more I thought about it the more I realised it wasn't just about how to achieve it technically, but was also about how I wanted to present afp in that environment. When it came to preparing to play live, I first set about by de-constructing the original songs into track groups and segments. These I wanted to be able to trigger and combine to play either an original version of the song, or a variation depending on how the segments are utilised. I want to have the possibility to be able to react to a situation, and to be able to respond to an audience. I want each live afp experience to be unique, and to really make that happen I realised I need somebody else to control these segments or building blocks. I wanted somebody else to interpret my work from a fresh perspective, and so it was time to get somebody else in to play live with. So I guess it's time to introduce the Band.. Ashka Originally trained from a early age in Modern Expressionist Dance, her talent soon got her noticed and a place in a state sponsored tour of Europe. Maybe not so remarkable apart from the troupe being from Poland at a time when the Iron Curtain had yet to fall. At just 15 she was also the only adolescent in a troupe of adults. After a brief flirt with runway modelling she later moved into Meditation and Therapy, but always kept music as an integral part of an expression of her work and herself. She is someone with the talent to feel an empathy and depth to music and it's textures. This is what I need when it comes to someone controlling the elements of my works, and hasn't it worked out well. From the word go the first rehearsal together exceeded all my expectations. Ashka's musical intuition and creativity come together to express versions of the songs that I would have never of thought of, and it all comes so easily. And it's all just so much fun. Now you may be asking what do I do live? While Ashka lays down the body of the song, I play parts that serve to provide the accent and the detail to the story she's telling. Also we're reacting off each other and it feels to me more like improvised jazz, but just with another sound. Each performance becoming an experience that lives just in that moment. Now some of you may be thinking “sounds great” but just how exactly are they doing all this? So let's do a little technical detail. We are running Ableton software off a jolly nice laptop, and it's this bit of kit that allows Ashka to launch all her song parts and building blocks. It's also where a couple of virtual instruments and a sample player for me are housed. Ashka uses an Akai APC mini to launch all her parts, and she can also control the volume of them all from the APC. She also uses an Akai Midimix to control a variety of effects such as delay or filtering which she can apply to any segment or track she wishes. I play an Akai MPK mini. Probably the smallest keyboard I've ever had in my life, and it's a cute combination of a two octave keyboard, some pads and some assignable controllers. I play a mixture of natural and synthetic sound effects, ambient textures and musical parts, and these all come out of a couple of different virtual instruments that exist inside the Ableton software on the laptop. Altogether the set up is just so ridiculously compact and light at just five elements if you include the external Focusrite audio interface. Nothing is bigger than the laptop, and the whole get up will pack into a carry-on. The live set that we've built up and been rehearsing is an ambient chill-out set and it's this niche we're looking to initially fill. After an small test performance earlier in the year (Fracture Live) we are gearing up for dates in 2018 and while I have nothing yet to confirm, we are so looking forward to seeing you sometime in the near future.